Istanbul University, EKOIST Journal of Econometrics and Statistics started its publication in 2005 with the aim of mediating, disseminating and laying ground for new research in academic-scientific knowledge production in all areas that the Econometric Science can touch. Our publication, which is supposed to be published as two issues a year, continues to be published in accordance with the same targets as planned today. Until the 27th issue of the fall semester of 2017, our paper was published as a composite of all related mixed papers, and it was decided to publish them thematically after this issue. According to this plan, the theme and number editors of the next five issues are determined; publishing preparations are continuing. In this frame, 28th issue "Environment and Energy", 29th issue "Tourism Economy" and 30th issue "Financial Markets" are defined. After the thematic publication decision, "Editor / Editors" will work in the field in accordance with the content of each issue. It is possible to access the information of our articles published on our web page. Our work is nationally well-known and work has been initiated so that it can be scanned in international indices. All researchers working in the field of social sciences are expected to share their publications in English or Turkish with our publications.


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AHP-TOPSIS Yöntemine Dayalı Tedarikçi Seçimi Uygulaması

The decision of the supplier selection is very important for a company to be successful. Selecting the right suppliers will decrease company’s purchasing cost, increase customer satisfaction and improve the competition capacity. This paper is dealt with supplier selection problem. AHP and TOPSIS, mu...

Author/s : Aliye Supçiller / Ozan Çapraz